You Have The Right To Choose A Proven Glass Shop

Know Your Rights When It Comes To Insurance Companies

When you call a 1-800 number you are likely talking to a 'billing network'.....not your insurance company! When they assign work without giving the consumer their options this is an illegal practice called insurance ‘steering’ and it is a very real problem for consumers.

Remember - you have a choice!

- You may be told that AutoGlass Works is not an ‘approved shop’ and that our work 'may not be fully guaranteed'.

- Call center personnel may act like they have never heard of AutoGlass Works to delay the process or they will ask unrelated questions to distract the consumer and wear down your patience.

These comments are not true, misleading and are unfair to the consumer.

In fact AutoGlass Works warrants all work for life, is a voluntary preferred member of all insurance networks, and we abide by all insurance company procedures and pricing as required by contract. There simply is no reason why you cannot have your work performed by AutoGlass Works for any insurance company.

Choose AutoGlass Works


We are a preferred service provider for every major insurance company so remember to tell your insurance company that you want AutoGlass Works to perform the service and give them our phone number (717)-514-8214

We Are Local Pros's That Care


When choosing AutoGlass Works you will find the peace of mind knowing the we are local, we are experts at what we do and we are not just there for your money. We Actually Care!